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Founded In 2006, Store Concepts started as a specialist in presenting high-quality fashion collections. Proudly serving as the exclusive agent for the Benelux region, representing European-designed and crafted bust forms, mannequins, accessory displays, and clothing hangers of exceptional design and quality. Clients include Dries van Noten, Karl Lagerfeld, Mode Museum Antwerp, PAUW, and many smaller scale boutiques and multibrand stores.

With vivid experience in this field, Store Concepts started taking on interior decorating projects from 2019. Today, Store Concept’s portfolio spans a wide range of industries, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle. Each project is approached with a fresh perspective, tailored to the unique identity and vision of our clients.

At the heart of our philosophy lies a commitment to creating environments that not only showcase products but also tell captivating stories. We take pride in shaping spaces that leave a lasting impression.

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Store Concepts - Philosophy- Craftmenship


Craftsmanship is the thread that connects our products. Store Concepts curates products that are designed with the intention of creating timeless pieces. With a profound love for natural materials, we prefer most of our products to be either carved out of wood, forged from steel, blown into glass, or cut from leather. Pieces created with love and attention to quality and durability with minimal waste and minimal carbon footprint.

Store Concepts consciously selects European-designed products, working with responsible manufacturing partners and suppliers, with materials sourced and produced as locally as possible. This allows us to support our local community and to reduce waste and the use of resources. Because we aim to minimise waste in the production process, almost all our products are made to order.

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About the team

Christel van Rooij, the founder of Store Concepts, brings a rich heritage in retail and marketing to her work. She transitioned her passion to interior and retail design. Passionately working now alongside her new team member, Christy Patijn, whom Christel has known since birth.

Christy has a background in Fashion Design and development, with prior experience at brands like Camiel Fortgens and RÓHE. Christy and Christel’s commitment to aesthetics, functionality, and consumer experience defines their pioneering approach in (re)shaping spaces.

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